vice city bean X MIAMI ARTs

We proudly support the Miami art scene by working with local artists as part of our collaborative design projects. These collaborations run for various lengths of time and often include limited edition merchandising and branding projects.


valeria krasavina

Born and raised in Moscow Russia and studies at the Moscow College of Technology before moving to the United States. Now residing in Miami, Valeria continues to explore the arts, through fashion and illustration.

VCB + Fine Frenchie

Valeria has incorporated her playful and Miami fashionable character, Rabby Josephine as part of a limited release collaboration with us.  Look for Rabby and some of her favorite Miami friends and activities to be featured as part of our Summer 2018 project.



Ernesto Maranje is a Miami based painter, illustrator and muralist who discovered his passion for art at the age of 27 while in the Coast Guard. Maranje uses his vivid imagination to portray the unity of animals and plants by pulling different segments from each and somehow making it a cohesive whole.

Vice City Bean commissioned Ernesto to paint our iconic Quetzal mural, the national bird and currency of Guatemala.